People Analytics and Dashboards

Human resource optimization is a crucial part of increasing the competitiveness of the organisation. Through the development of tailored human resource software, Analytico assists clients to achieve total optimisation. With the use of machine learning we are able to better predict, flag and prioritize HR functions in the workplace.

Psychometric Research and Development

Data allows us to understand underlying psychological constructs. It further enables us to predict behaviours that are applicable to consumer behaviour, credit risk management and personnel behaviour. Through combining computational methods and psychometrics, it assists our predictive modelling to achieve greater accuracy.

Labour Market Research and Remuneration Audits

With large datasets and our uniquely developed algorithm, we have the tool to assist organisations in determining market related salaries/earnings that are specific to the employee or applicant’s profile and falls within the equal work for equal pay legislations.

Forensic Human Capital Reporting

Through statistical modelling, underpinned by economic and career related factors, Analytico provides expert reporting and testimony on loss of earnings and loss of support claims. Our aim is to create clarity about projected earnings for each unique claimant. Our reliable modelling can reduce contingency deductions for attorneys.